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Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Anti-Bucket List: 2015

Sorry, I'm a little late on this particular band-wagon. I've been super busy this Christmas and haven't had time to indulge in the old look-back-on-2015 thing, but here I am, a week into January, giving it a go. I spied Liv's blog post  titled The Anti-Bucket List and totally loved the idea. It can be quite difficult to blow your own trumpet and I am a super self-critical person so, in the interest of self-love, I decided to have a quick look back on 2015 and list all of the things I am proud of. I'll be sharing my 2016 goals too, but it can be nice to admit, every now and again, that actually 'girl, you did a good job'. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Pop! (Goes My Heart): A Lush Gift Unboxing

It's getting to the point where I am tempted to heed my friend's advice and change my blog title to Lushology. I'm sorry (although not really) that this is about the ninetieth one you've read from me in the last few months, but who doesn't love a nice little gift unboxing? I picked up Pop when I'd finished my shift on Saturday. It was literally the most horrendous shift I had ever had (and horrendous shifts really don't happen that often for me, so I wasn't prepared for it!) and I was starting with what later turned out to be a bladder infection and I was just feeling horrific, so I treated myself (yes, again) to a box of very necessary bath bombs, just to help me feel that little bit better (it worked, if you're wondering).

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Living With Problem Skin

I can hear it already, the choruses of 'you don't have problem skin!', 'people are going through far worse skin problems than you are!', 'it doesn't even look that bad!'. The truth is, if I had the chance to change one thing about myself, it would be the skin on my face. I look into the mirror every single morning, hoping that some overnight miracle has occurred and that the constellation map on my face has smoothed itself out and all of those red blotches are gone - but through ten years of acne prone skin, this has (obviously) never happened. I have tried every 'acne cure' under the sun. Myself and my mum must have invested thousands of pounds over the years into trying everything on the market and nothing, I repeat, nothing does the job well over a prolonged period of time. I am incredibly self conscious about it to the point where I find it difficult to leave my house without wearing makeup sometimes, but as with all embarrassing topics and self confidence issues, it can be quite nice to talk about it - so let's!

Monday, 14 December 2015


This year was the year that I realised I might have a slight book-buying addiction, and that actually I really don't have enough room for the amount of books that I have - let alone enough room to buy more. I'd found an amazing photograph of bookshelves on Pinterest, showed my mum and the next time I arrived home from University, I came home to these beautiful, beautiful shelves! I absolutely love them and just needed to share them with you, so let's take a tour of my bedroom walls, shall we?

Friday, 11 December 2015

5 Things: My Favourite Festive Traditions

Everybody celebrates the festive period, particularly Christmas Day, in different ways and I always find it pretty interesting listening to how different people spend their time in December. Of course, there are people who shun the holiday season altogether, and whilst I appreciate that your life choices are your own, I'm sorry but we just can't be friends. I love Christmas, I love everything about it and get far too excited about it every single year - so I thought I would share with you 5 things that, for me, sum up the festive season! Feel free to share your festive traditions in the comments because I do genuinely love hearing all about it. 
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